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## hi so I saw a video circulating the internet kind of like I saw a few of them so people are like joining only fans kind of just posting whatever pictures and just seeing how much money they get so me being broke just having to pay a thousand dollars for a license I’m like oh my god what a brilliant idea so I want to see exactly how much money I can make on only fans in a week for those of you who don’t know what only pence is this thing Trisha Paytas created she’s the founder of only fans so only fans is like this thing where your fans your only fans get to just give you money to see exclusive content but only fans is like a step up for patreon because people post their news they post like masturbation videos they post I’m gonna be posting pictures like just like pictures I’ll post on Twitter or Instagram anyways like pictures of me and bikini pictures of mean like my underwear like to me that’s not really that big of a deal stuff that I was literally already post on Twitter or Instagram or whatever like this isn’t raunchy [ __ ] okay so I joined only fans like two days ago or last night okay so when you join only fans you have to get you have to wait like 24 to 72 hours for your account to even be approved before you start like setting your price or doing your bank stuff or whatever so I set it all up and then like five minutes ago my account just got approved this is my this is my account so far so I have a little beach header with a picture of me from like nine months ago when I was time for $25 disappointing it’s like a subscription so they pay $25 a month to see pictures of me this sounds so crunchy or notice pitches never seen before pictures exclusive well.

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I think I read too late my channel job’ updating yeah I’ll be updating on like what’s happening on my only fans how much money I’m making what I’m posting and everything but this is like intro okay so I’m sorry you can’t advertise a little bit for my only fans so I just went on snapchat and I don’t really use snapchat ever but I get a lot of creepy messages from like really thirsty guys from on snapchat so I figured what a better place so I just took this photo earlier today but I’m in like my my bra let my underwear but I kind of blur it on my underwear so it looks like I’m kind of naked so I put like only fans joint only fans swipe up hehe I share this this is honestly so embarrassing no I use is kind of like low-key super embarrassing for people that I like actually no but oh my god my friend just snapchat I mean are you actually starting and only family hahahaha okay so I swipe up to check out my only fans so I’ll let that sit for a while and I’ll check back later to see if I have at least one person that I subscribed so I just checked my only fans and I got two subscribers so that’s $50 I’m so excited I made $40 so far oh my mom just texted me my mother my mom just texted me a link to my only fans and said so I have to pay $25 to see your post what lol like no don’t sign up no mom please my mom’s gonna sign up well yes please Yin please no she’s like I wasn’t going to I would rather eat transfer you money to spend on what you need love you it is now day three of my only fancy count and there’s this guy there’s so far I’ve made like I don’t know a few a few hundred dollars but there’s this guy that has been buying my foot pictures like he just like wants pictures and videos my feet and he’s like I will pay you hundreds and hundreds of dollars so I’m like okay so I’m sending him like $200 videos that are like 20 seconds and my feet just like flailing around and he’s buying them and so far he is paid like $2,000 or my feet like nothing in my face nothing my body like literally just my feet I even threw in Amy’s feet in there he’s paid me around two thousand swallow my spit dollars I’m still just posting last thing I googled was Ben Affleck tattoo I’m still just posting like pictures of like [ __ ] I’ve already posted on Twitter so I got that photo this one little bum shot that one so I charge $26 per subscription only fans takes out a chunk so I get twenty dollars and 80 cents per subscription 20 subscriptions four hundred dollars just for subscriptions so pretty good and then that’s all this also all in American dollars so when I convert it to Canadian dollars it’s even more okay hello so I’m not exactly sure what day it is on my only fans expedition but it’s I don’t know we’re nearing the end of this experiment so I’ve been doing some research and so has Amy about only fans and if it’s basically if it’s a scam or not because all my money is currently.

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like in pending balance and it’s not in the current balance thing and so many people if you really only fan support Twitter all the replies are like I haven’t had a haven’t got my money I don’t know where my money is it’s just like they’re basically like hundreds of girls are saying that it’s a scam so I’m kind of freaking out being like the [ __ ] it’s just a scam I’ve emailed them like I’m still unsure if it’s gonna be a scammer or not but then they were saying like oh it’ll be in on this day and then on that day the money still wasn’t incurred on so then I emailed them again and they take quite a while to respond but I did get responses the money is now I just kind of like [ __ ] up the days and then I threatened legal action so now the money is now is in my current balance I will take legal action my lawyer will hear about this we a lot of people said that their money was just staying and pending and just never going over to current or a lot of people also said that when they send it to their bank account it never actually reached their bank account so I’m worried that that might be me hoping it’s not but just think everyday kind of just photos of me and some suits me my underwear I like I’m not there’s no nudes I’m the scam feels so like embarrassing promoting it so much unlike my Instagram I’m in my twitter and snapchat banned me cuz I promoted it twice on their high so it’s the last day um I’ll have what are you doing so I have a lot to talk about so a lot happened in the last few days of my only fans stuff doing while people are subscribing making foot picture money making money it’s going well but I kind of halted advertising about it I stopped really posting about it mainly because of one thing that happened on it that made me just feel so uncomfortable there’s this one guy that was kind of talking to me or trying to talk to me every day on this site and I’d respond but like I wouldn’t carry out like a real conversation oh just kind of respond thanks Edyta and then um he asked for our paid pictures so I paid I sent him a photo that was just like a little more a little more scandalous than the ones I would just post but it was still wasn’t a nude it wasn’t like showing anything it was just like a kind of scandalous photo so he paid for that um I think it made like $30 $30.


or something for that he’s talking to me and then I was at work the other day and he was like oh is it a long day on set and I was like yeah just assuming like he he knows I mentioned in videos I mentioned on my on my Instagram and he felt he said that he balls me on Instagram and he like said something about one of the stories I posted that day and he was like oh oh yeah my day was super short on set and I’m like oh you work in film too he’s like yeah we actually know each other I was like what he’s like oh we work together we’re work friends I’m like oh oh no so that made me really uncomfortable and he just kept lying about who he was cuz I kind of I I kind of know who it is and the thought of that just makes me feel so disgusting because we’re not work friends he is annoying that’s what he is so and he also one time it came up to me so there’s this other girl at work that comes comes in like every now and again but not every day like I basically a.m. and he was like oh she’s uh I forget what it’s called but some other site were you posting pictures of yourself is she posted like fully naked and he came up and told me that one day and so anyway he was just being really rude and I was like no if you don’t tell me who you are I’m blocking you he’s like why I didn’t do anything for you to block me and he was like excuse me you’re toying with me being like I know you from work we work together and you were you gave a fake name it’s just the whole thing about that is just so disgusting but I haven’t really been posting that much on it anymore for the last couple days I’ve just been kind of grossed out by that and tomorrow I’m gonna see him and I’m gonna go up and be like hey you’re gross don’t do that and I did block him anyway moving on it is the end and we’re gonna see exactly how much I made so we’re going to go in I’m gonna top 4.8 creators of all time my pending balance is two thousand two hundred and eighty cents with my current balance three hundred and sixty seven and twenty cents so then down here it shows my subscriptions I’d made nine hundred dollars and seventy eight cents and my messages.

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I’ve made nine 1940 seven dollars and twenty cents so overall so in total I made three thousand five hundred and sixty dollars for my gross and my net is two thousand eight hundred and forty seven dollars and ninety nine cents this is all in American dollars so I’m going to switch over in Canadian dollars three thousand seven hundred and seventeen dollars and seventy eight cents for one week so much fun great havin a great time I probably will keep it up because we’re gonna be moving into a plate we’re gonna be moving to a different country in a different place not gonna stay hmm um where we can’t work so I’m gonna keep the whole weekend up and running if you want to subscribe down below if you have a finish I have all the video I have all the videos all the pictures come at me will welcome you okay well thanks for watching if you liked this video give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe down below um if you want to see more videos all my social media is always linked down below Instagram Twitter only fans oh did I say that well hopefully that money comes in because I just bought a ticket to Australia so bye

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